Client Feedback: A True Favourite

A dedicated repeat guest of Natasha’s recently travelled to the Kruger and re-lived one of the most amazing experiences at one of the Kruger’s most luxurious lodges, here is their feedback:

Good afternoon Natasha,

My recent trip to SA was amazing.  Stayed at Kruger Park Lodge prior to driving to Londolozi.  It was nice and relaxing. Staff was good. Weather was warm but tolerable. Made the drive to Londolozi without issue and was welcomed back as a friend, not a first time guest. They do an amazing job making everyone feel ‘at home’.  Ranger and Tracker were excellent, and we saw real time interaction between a leopard, a warthog and 2 hyenas who stole the kill from the leopard.  Mr. Leopard was not pleased and growled one of the hyenas away and then challenged the sole hyena to take his kill back.  Was quite the show. Managed to get it on video.

Weather was morning cool but not hot during the day due to clouds (no rain).  If there’s a better, nicer safari camp, I’d try it but Londolozi is superb.

As soon as we figure out if we’re coming back in 2024, I’ll advise either way.  If you think visiting Botswana might be interesting or someplace else, give me a few ideas.  But, our long history at Londolozi will be difficult to overcome.  That’s a good thing.


Ron Meckler