Client Feedback: The Wonder of Zimbabwe

Repeat guests of Natasha’s recently discovered the wonders of Zimbabwe visiting some of the very best areas that Zimbabwe has to offer, here is their feedback:

Hello Natasha,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you with my thoughts on our trip. We loved all three camps we stayed at and I only regret not spending another three nights at the fourth camp that you recommended. Even Julian wished for longer in Zimbabwe, but he was the one who thought three camps and nine nights were enough.

The first camp Deteema was gorgeous with beautiful accommodation and great animal sightings. It was wonderful at all the camps to have a truck and driver to ourselves. Our driver was Ndano who was very knowledgeable and friendly and we were also very impressed with the lady camp manager whose name I can’t quite remember.

The second camp Verney’s was I think my favourite for its large and very beautiful accommodation. The tents were enormous and very comfortable and we had yet another great ranger called Julius. During the time we were there it was very hot and dry and we were quite saddened to see so many desperately thirsty elephants and many dead ones too. All day and night they were trumpeting and squabbling trying to push their way to what little muddy water they could get to. One poor little baby slipping and exhausted nearly drowned in the mud. Luckily the mother after a long struggle managed to push him out.

The final accommodation Mana River Camp seemed at first to be a little disappointing. The tents were smaller and lacked the luxury of the first two camps, but in fact I think in general all three of us enjoyed the three days we spent there most of all. Our guide was Richard, another great guy and a mine of information. Here we had excellent sightings of wild dogs and what we most liked was that we were able to park the truck and go on foot near to where the dogs were hanging out in the grass. It was thrilling! We did of course see many other animals, but I’ll never forget that experience with those painted wolves. Oh and lastly as you know we are vegetarians and the best cuisine for us was that served at Mana River Camp. The chef was excellent.

I will send photos in another email. I’m in bed and getting tired so bye for now and thank you for a wonderful trip. Julian is already studying the map for next year’s safari.

Best wishes and Happy Christmas,
Maggie xx.