Botswana Safari at the Charming Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

The People Behind the Scenes
Photographers Sit with Nanette and Abram Who are the Perfect Hosts.

Neatly perched high up on a hill in the Chobe National Park lies a luxurious eco-friendly lodge with panoramic views over sparse acacia scrub and messy mopane woodlands. Deep in the heart of the rugged Botswana wilderness dwells a wonder of wildlife. Roaming the landscapes below the lodge, huge herds and lone cats can be viewed from the balcony of your suite or the comfort of the sophisticated lounge area. The view of the horizon is never ending and the “end” of the bushveld seems like a mirage against the stark blue Botswana blue skies which swallow the forgotten treasures of the land.

A small waterhole sits in front of the lodge and graceful impala, weather beaten buffalo bulls and protective breeding herds of elephant often pay the clean waters a visit. This is the place where time sits still, your heart becomes alive and your senses overwhelmed.  Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge is the idyllic hideaway for a Botswana safari.

One of the Rooms at Ghoha Hills Lodge.
One of the Rooms at Ghoha Hills Lodge.

What makes Ghoha different? Aside from a wealth of game viewing, the unassuming atmosphere of the lodge, the natural camaraderie between staff, rangers and lodge management; the absolute peaceful luxury of the lodge is yet another reason to stay at Ghoha. Atmosphere is a hard thing to create, but Nanette and Abraham are quite the duo. If you’re after a Botswana safari with all the amenities of home, a relaxed atmosphere and unobtrusive yet welcoming hosts, Ghoha is the perfect place for a Botswana safari.

From the Savuti airstrip it’s about a 40 minute drive to the lodge. Depending on arrival time, you’ll generally head out in the evening to enjoy sundowners at the large baobab tree which sits at the base of the hill and proudly watches out over the land. Evenings are spent dining on simple, yet gourmet food and swapping stories around the campfire.

On one of the evenings, the in-house choir will provide a bit of entertainment, which is a delightful combination of traditional song and dance. This resonant sound and joyous singing will pull you into the African spirit of things – it’s not something you’re likely to forget.

When you’re not enjoying the spoils of African song, you have the option of star gazing through a powerful modern telescope. Here’s where you’ll see the rings of Jupiter, the Southern Cross and Scorpio, among other constellations.

Ghoha Hills Bafana the Guide
Bafana, One of the Guides at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.
Ghoha Hills Baobab Sunset
Ghoha Hills Baobab Sunset.

In terms of game viewing, there are drives out the hide on the property which overlooks the expansive waterhole. There are also drives out the hide which overlook an expansive waterhole. Buffalo, elephant and a myriad of wildlife flock to the crusty muddy shores of the waterhole where they indulge in swimming and a host of other activities.

A highlight of your Ghoha Safari is the full day trip through the Savuti Marsh, which involves picnic at the pan and scenic stops en route the geological phenomenon that is the marsh. The Savuti Marsh is the remnant of a large inland lake which was full of water until tectonic plate movement cut the water supply to the marsh. The marsh is fed by erratic Savuti Channel which dries up and flows again, without any indication. Mid 2014 the marsh dried up and is home to handfuls of dead trees, rolling grasslands and scenic savannah regions. The wildlife adapts and survives; and brings with it a dynamic shift in wildlife activity.

Ghoha Hills Wild Dogs
A Pack of Five Wild Dogs Seen at Ghoha Hills.
Ghoha Hills Wildebeest
A Wildebeest Spotted at Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge.
Red-billed Hornbill
A Red-billed Hornbill Rests on a Branch.
Kori Bustard
Plenty of Kori Bustards to See. They’re Africa’s Largest Flying Bird.
Elephant and Buffalo Herds
Elephant and Buffalo Herds Enjoy the Waterhole at the Hide.
Wildlife all Drinking
One of the Few Places You can See Wildlife all Drinking Together.
Ghoha Hills Elephant
Ghoha Hills Elephant.
Giraffe with Oxpeckers
Giraffe with Oxpeckers on its Neck.

With so much activity and game viewing, there comes a time when you need to relax. This is why Ghoha has built the spa treatment room. Offering an array of treatments, the spa room is the perfect spot to unwind. Overlooking the wilderness and beyond, the views are hard to match! If you end up feeling permanently full from the constant flow of delectable treats and hearty meals, you could always try out the newly constructed gym, which also overlooks the expansive landscape.

Ghoha Hills Gym Area
Ghoha Hills Gym Area.
Ghoha Hills Spa Treatment Room
Ghoha Hills Spa Treatment Room.

With just 11 rooms and a reputation that preceeds itself, you’ll need to start planning your Botswana safari in advance. A stay at Ghoha is a must!