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A Typical day on safari

What is a Typical Day on Safari like?

This is a question we often get asked by our guests, so we thought we would shed some more light on your typical day on safari in the African Bush. Please remember that this is a general outlook, times will differ a bit from lodge to lodge. Some areas will not allow night driving, bush walks and off-road game driving. These are generally in the National Parks, however there is still more than enough to see and do that you will not even notice the difference!

Sunset across the Serengeti

It is early to rise while on safari, as they say “the early bird catches the worm”! A gentle wake up call at your door is at 5am, sometimes in winter this is a little later. Have a cup of coffee and a biscuit and head out with your tracker and ranger on your first activity for the day! This is often a game drive, or in the case of an Okavango Delta safari, a mokoro (canoe) ride. Remember to dress in layers as the African bush warms up quickly! Your guiding team will be scanning the landscape and the roads for any signs of wildlife. Depending on what you see you could stop for a cup of coffee half way on your drive before heading back to the lodge or camp before 9am. Remember that if you have the perfect wildlife sighting  your return to camp will be a little later.

Once back in camp breakfast awaits you around 9am. You can take your time at breakfast and afterwards your time is your own. Many lodges and camps offer guided nature walks with armed guides. These walks show you the bush from a different angle and gives you a chance to see the smaller animals. And of course the big ones too!

Once back in camp from about 11am till 2pm you have the time to relax, have a nap, a swim, a spa treatment or just sit under a tree and really soak up your surroundings. Many lodges and camps have lovely lounges and decks from where you can look out and see if you can spot any wildlife. Lunch is served around 2pm.

A few camps and lodges will serve a brunch on arrival back from your morning activities and then a high tea before heading out again in the afternoon. Regardless of which you have, you will have enough delicious food!

After lunch you will get ready for your evening activity. Remember a warmer top! Around 3:30pm or 4pm you will meet your guiding team once again and head out in search of game. As the sun starts to set you will generally stop for a sundowner. This is a wonderful moment to watch the sun set over the bush with a cold one in your hand. Of course, if you have seen some action then your guiding team will forgo the drinks stop to maximize your view of the game. As it starts to get dark the nocturnal animals come out and so does the powerful spotlight. This is often the best time to see a predator on the hunt, if you are lucky enough to see this then supper may be delayed!

Assuming that you are not breathlessly watching a leopard stalk his prey, you will return to camp around 7:30pm where the camp fire is lit welcoming you back. If the weather permits, dinners are served outside in the boma with the camp fire dancing merrily in the middle. Dinner is a relaxed affair and the food scrumptious, often locally inspired dishes cooked on the fire. As dinner ends you are welcome to sit around the fire swapping stories before you go to bed!