Client Feedback: An Unforgettable Adventure

Guest’s of Natasha’s recently travelled to Cape Town to explore the best of the Mother city before continuing on to Victoria Falls and then finishing up in the Kruger National park. An unforgettable trip that will be hard to beat…here is their feedback:

Hi Natasha

How nice to hear from you!

I was just about to email you to thank you for all your help planning such an unforgettably wonderful trip. All of us had an amazing time. The two moms, especially, won’t stop raving about it. I don’t know how we will ever top this family vacation!


I cannot thank you enough for picking out such lovely hotels and lodges for us.

Parker Cottage was very charming and comfortable. The service was warm, personal and attentive. They do a delicious breakfast service every morning which we all enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this hotel.

We also loved Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. Very warm and hospitable staff there as well. Four of us got spa treatments there, and the quality was excellent. I don’t know how much you had to do with getting us those upgrades – but I’m going to chalk it up to you and Sun Safaris! 😉

Simbambili was THE BEST! I feel like it’s not one of the big names like Singita or &Beyond so I don’t think I would’ve found it myself. I can’t thank you enough for recommending such a perfect lodge for us. It was so luxurious, but still always so warm and personal. Sue said it was like being invited to Mike and Tania’s home. So thank you again for this!


We got Mike, the Head Guide at Simbambili, and Sipho, the best tracker he has worked with. They were INCREDIBLE! Again, did you have anything to do with this?? If so, thank you thank you thank you. They got us to the best sightings. Superb tracking, and Mike was very willing to get us right up to the animals with some very precision maneuvering through the bush. I think guests from other safari were a little stunned by how close Mike got us – they were taking pictures of our land cruiser looking kind of precarious! LOL.

Cape Town Touring

Steven was also really excellent. Thanks again for arranging this. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable, and took us to the best spots for lunch!

Other Comments

This trip was near perfect, but the group did think there were a few (tiny!) areas for improvement.

(1) Our journey from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge was a little rough. We didn’t realize we would have to go through security and passport control at Jo’berg, and that the lines were going to be so long, so we ended up dallying too much and then rushing in a mad frenzy at the end to board the plane to Livingstone on time. A heads up on the process would have been nice! Also, when we got to Livingstone, the Americans were a little surprised to hear they’d have to get visas for Zimbabwe and not really sure which to get. We also were very surprised by the Zambian and Zimbabwean immigration offices we had to go through! Again, a little briefing on that process would have better prepared us for it.

(2) The Wi-Fi at Simbambili was almost non-existent! I was fine, because we are there to disconnect anyway. But I don’t know if they could use that feedback for their other guests. I’m not sure if this is a teething issue related to their recent refurbishment.

Overall Comments

I have already been recommending you guys to my friends, and will definitely be looking to book my other trips in Africa with you. The only problem is I don’t know if our experience with Mike/Sipho has spoiled us for future safaris. But that’s a good problem to have!

I definitely want to do a trip to Namibia. So I’ll be reaching out about that. Maybe in two or three years time. Hopefully you’ll be able to help us with that.

I know that reviews are very important in your business, so if you’d like me to post anywhere, please feel free to send me the links.