Client Feedback: Kalahari to Kruger

A guest of Brett’s recently travelled to the Kalahari to stay at a variety of camps that offer guests a true safari experience, before exploring the marvels of Victoria Falls and the wonder of the Kruger National Park. Here is the feedback:

Hi Brett,

The entire trip went off without a hitch, job well done. The Kwando camps were all I expected, large reserves, comfy rooms and lots of wildlife. All camps are run the same, wake up, quick breakfast and out. Brunch, high tea and afternoon drives at same times. Dinners at communal tables, buffet style but very good, could quickly feel the pounds coming around the waist. The summer rains failed and the area was in a 6 month drought, but the beauty of the area hinted at wondrous times come the floods. I really enjoyed Pom Pom for many reasons, could see coming back when wet. Kwara grew on me, bit by bit the added touches of a flagship camp became noticeable. From the huge room to an upscale wine selection to padded arm rests on the jeeps, yes I did crack my elbows numerous times prior.

Victoria falls was a sight to see !  Pioneers was a fine value hotel with the meals being very low on a scale of 1-10, breakfast wasgood but hard to screw that up. Thank you for steering me into Mala Mala, WOW!!  From the scenery to the flowing Sand river to the greenery, this is what I was hoping for. So many leopard , lion and wild dog sightings and 8 rhino encounters. EVERYTHING about this place was top notch and 4 days left me wanting more.

Nsala following Mala was in a tough spot and they sank to the point of disappointing. The property was rustic, and that was ok, the food delivered to only me and 1 day another couple was really good.  Now; the safari vehicle was ancient and beat up. It blew out exhaust smoke like I never saw before. The animal life was not to be seen, I felt bad for the guide, and mentioned this to one of the brothers. One afternoon we saw 1 buffalo 1steenbok and the back of 1 elephant on the retuning night drive. A glimpse of leopard the last day made me want to believe we had a 3day run of bad luck.

To end the trip on a high note I enjoyed Shindzela, basic tented camps where I feel most at rest. Surprisingly it was the only camp to serve all meals to the table, I mention this only for your benefit, some folks look for it. The heavens opened and the wild life returned. Elephants were too numerous to count and 14 rhinos spotted, several with horns intact. Alland all I had a wonderful time and always had a smile on my face which won me several new friends to stay in touch with.

Many thanks again and have been singing your praise even while over there.