Client Feedback: Beyond Expectations!

Guests of Brett’s recently travelled for the first time to Africa to experience the trip of a lifetime that totally exceeded their expectations! Here is their feedback:

” First time to Africa so we wanted to do it right. Friends that have been to Africa many times recommended Sun Safaris. Sun Safaris asked us what we liked and didn’t like. They replied with several ideas. We choose what was the most appealing that met with our timeline. Then they replied with a proposal. We tweaked it and changes were made. Then we did a “Zoom” face to face, mostly dealing with what to do and not to do regarding travel to our specific travel spots in Southern Africa.

There were four events in our program – 1. Tour of Cape Town Area including wineries. 2. Trip to Victoria Falls – Two night stay with exploration and experiential events. 3. Transportation and two night stay to a safari game camp. 4. Transportation and two night stay at another safari game camp with a totally different look and feel from the prior camp.

All events completely exceeded our expectations!!! We were so pleased with Sun Safaris that when we got back to spend time in Cape Town, we contracted with Sun Safaris to provide another full day excursion. Highly recommend Sun Safaris !!!!”