Mfuwe Elephants

Client Feedback : South Luangwa Safari in Zambia

Brett’s guests, Virginia and Valerio, recently enjoyed the ultimate safari to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. He carefully selected 3 lodges each showcasing a unique aspect of the park. 3 nights were spent at each of the lodges, which is the perfect amount of time. Brett’s choice of lodges included the luxurious Mfuwe Lodge famed for its elephants walking through the reception area, Kuyenda Bush Camp, a classic African bushcamp, and Chindeni Bush Camp located on the edge of a lagoon. His clients certainly enjoyed their South Luangwa safari in Zambia.

Mfuwe Elephants

Word for word, here is Brett’s client feedback: 

Good morning Brett:

Finally we are back in Lisbon and well rested. Our Zambia experience was very nice and a learning one, since it never occurred to us visiting Zambia.

The Bushcamp Company suggestions were excellent Chindeni, Kuyenda and Mfuwe, we loved them all in that order, to our surprise Kuyenda was renovated and opened  in June so it was brand new and lovely. Accommodations in all of them were at the top, best pillows in the world, looked at the labels and they were SA, I need to go back to do some shopping!

South Lwangua National Park has beautiful landscapes which we enjoyed very much; therefore the wildlife was not at its best…. I know, that happens, but on our final day as we were departing to the airport, we saw a pride of lions of probably around 13 members on a kill, unbelievable sighting.

Food was nice and abundant, all chefs made the impossible to accommodate our wishes and pamper us, even to the extent of preparing  some  Nshima which we enjoyed very much, let’s not forget about the lovely birthday cake,  happy birthday songs and the most spectacular dinner table setting in the middle of the savanna!

All we have to say about our Zambian experience was great, but most of all  the honor will go to the people of Zambia that we had the pleasure to spend our time with and welcome us to share Portugal Eurocopa games!

We had a very much needed time in Africa and an unforgettable vacation in Zambia, thanks!

Virginia & Valerio

Chindeni Camp Zambia South Luangwa

Chindeni South Luangwa

Kuyenda Zambia