Onguma Land Cruiser

Onguma’s Dream Cruiser is a Romantic Rooftop Tent

Picture the scene. A zeal of adventurers kick-starting and prepping their 1970s Land Rovers or Land Cruisers to prepare for an upcoming expedition. Apart from a stable vehicle, the key to any outdoor adventure is having somewhere to sleep. These explorer-type personalities inevitably have one of those cool rooftop tents attached to the roof of their 4×4, ideal for sleeping under the stars. How thrilling it must be to sleep cocooned in wilderness splendour, while your eyes close to the call of the jackal and the cackle of a hyena!

Onguma redefines the rooftop tent experience.

Onguma Safari Camp Dream Cruiser

A dream cruiser with a luxury romantic rooftop tent is the latest brainchild of Onguma Safari Camps, a portfolio of exceptional camps conveniently located on the eastern border of Etosha National Park. Onguma took the spirit of the true adventurer who loves an exhilarating 4×4 rooftop tent experience, and made it a bit more luxurious.

The dream cruiser offers a romantic sleep-out experience that holds great appeal for lovers of both luxury and outdoor escapades. You will be taken on a slow drive through Onguma’s bushveld while you search for wildlife en route to your final destination. Guides carefully select a scenic destination to “drop anchor” where you’ll stay the night. Common places to set up include around a waterhole, or known wildlife hotspots. A thrilling adventure awaits!

Onguma’s Dream Cruiser offers a romantic adventure sleep-out. A wooden deck has been custom-built onto the top of a Land Cruiser, and another level constructed below the deck. The bottom level features a fully-kitted bathroom, complete with shower, flush toilet, and hand basin. The upper deck houses an extremely comfortable double bed and lounge area with a viewing deck. There’s a two-way radio in case of emergencies, where you’ll have constant contact with an experienced guide.

Onguma Land Cruiser

Onguma Safari Cruiser

You will be served picnic and tapas-style cuisine for dinner, where you can enjoy exquisite al fresco dining. Dinner will be accompanied by your tipple of choice, pre-ordered and ready for you in Onguma’s Dream Cruiser. Lavish breakfasts are served back at the lodge, and in the morning’s eager safari guides will transport you back to enjoy masterfully created dishes.

Spend evenings chilling on the deck, just you and your loved one, watching the wonders of the wilderness. Fall asleep to the sounds of Namibia, as eerie and vast as the surrounding landscape. Expect the usual finishing touches synonymous with safari luxury. Gently lit lanterns provide ambiance, mosquito nets ensure pesky bugs are kept at bay, and wood and canvas chairs provide the perfect perch to observe the endless thorn-scrub and savanna woodlands of Etosha National Park’s surrounds. When you wake up to the orange glow of a typical Namibian sunrise, grab a coffee and a homemade rusk before you’re whisked away into the arms of luxury at the lodge.

It should be noted that a lodge stay needs to be booked in conjunction with a stay in the romantic rooftop tent, and can be booked with a stay in any of the camps. The magic and romance of Onguma’s Dream Cruiser awaits!

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