Xigera Safari Lodge's Baobab Treehouse

Contemporary Bliss Inside Xigera Safari Lodge’s Baobab Treehouse

“Xigera Safari Lodge’s Baobab Treehouse is where Enid Blyton’s Magic of the Faraway Tree comes to life. A place where classic fairytale literature meets modern, contemporary art”

The Okavango Delta is a water wonderland brimming with magical scenes of prowling predators, marauding hyenas, jolly elephants and bloats of hippo. This, of course, is only a fraction of what the Okavango Delta offers in terms of game viewing.

Passionate safari-goers know of the wild beauty of this unique biome, and so do the owners of Xigera Safari Lodge. You’ve probably heard about this sophisticated and splendid lodge launched in 2020, but you might not have heard of Xigera’s latest addition: The Baobab Treehouse.

Let’s take a journey and explore the luxurious Xigera and its highly acclaimed, three-storey treehouse. 

Xigera Safari Lodge's Baobab Treehouse

Deep-set copper bathtubs, wrap-around wooden balconies jutting out from the waterways, abundant African artwork and exquisite furnishings are synonymous with Xigera’s style – and the treehouse sleepout is no different. Both the lodge and treehouse are luxury personified and have a bold yet sophisticated style.

Located in a wildlife-rich pocket of the Moremi in a remote area, Xigera’s backyard is a bounty of beauty. Riparian vegetation, a mosaic of reed-lined waterways, endless floodplains and islands swaying with palm trees provide the perfect habitat for a wealth of wildlife to thrive.

Set along one of the meandering waterways, just 1 kilometre out of sight, is an artistic structure built to look like a magnificent baobab tree. This monumental piece stands proudly over the land and pays homage to the beautiful baobabs of Botswana, the land of giants. Hiding behind the cleverly sculpted branches and finger-like structures of the baobab, is a masterpiece of a treehouse sleepout, ideal for adventure lovers who enjoy a sprinkling of luxury.

Xigera Safari Lodge Sunset

Xigera Safari Lodge Aerial Views

Architects Anton de Kock and designer Philip Fourie have certainly reached “new heights” with their latest work of art. The idea behind Xigera is incredible. Combining one of Botswana’s most natural elements, recreating it as artwork and then building a three-storey treehouse is nothing short of genius. A true blend of the bold, the old, and the new.

Each of the 3 levels offers something quirky and dramatic. The bedroom is protected by heavy canvas walls that can be opened up fully if desired, and the top-level boasts an open-air deck, complete with a king-size bed for the adventurous few who’d like to sleep under the canopy of darkness. The sleepout experience is completely tailored to guests’ needs and includes the standard safari activities synonymous with Botswana safaris.

Why is Xigera Safari Lodge’s Baobab Treehouse so unique?

  • It’s hidden away in a pocket of paradise that’s only accessible via canoe or glass-bottom mokoro.
  • On the open-air upper deck, guests will be treated to picnic-style dinners delivered by a butler at dusk. Be sure to order your drink of choice – those sunsets deserve to be celebrated in style.
  • Breakfasts are delivered in the morning.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to basically sleep in a life-size work of art.
  • The location is sublime – it’s in the heart of the wild Okavango Delta.
  • The sleepout is the facade of a baobab, complete with twisting “branches” designed to fade and weather over time, giving it a natural and authentic look.
  • There are 3 levels of luxury linked by a beautiful spiral staircase.
  • Towering an impressive 10 metres above the floodplains, the treehouse is spectacular.
  • Each level has 360-degrees of the surrounding environment, offering dramatic views of the environment.
  • An immersive wilderness experience.
  • There’s no electricity, which means a completely off-the-grid experience.
  • An expansive deck on the third level is close enough to the sky that you can practically touch and feel the sunsets.

It’s not only the leopards of the area that are beguiling and enchanting…

Xigera Baobab Treehouse Interior

Baobab Treehouse in Okavango Delta

Top Level at Xigara Baobab Treehouse

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