Hire Out the Ultra-luxurious Kubili House in Thornybush

The exclusive use, immaculately designed Kubili House in Thornybush Nature Reserve is safari sophistication at its best. This relatively undiscovered safari treasure is a uniquely designed villa enveloped by rugged bushveld teeming with general wildlife and marauding predators. Resting comfortably on 26900 ft, this private residence sets a new standard of safari experience.

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Architecturally, Kubili fascinates on all levels. A complete mix of Arabian decor, Moroccan finishes mixed together with a classic bushveld feel. Throw in a New York trained chef, and you have yourself quite the global safari experience that’s overwhelming at times.

A boma area designed to look like a slice of Marrakesh with its bold colours and ambient lanterns, offers a contrast in design to the main building which is a flat-roofed stone masterpiece complete with grass spears protruding from the rooftop. The natural wood used throughout the interior offers a sense of clean lines, mimicking the order that’s apparent in the natural world.

The house sleeps 10 people in 5 rooms, and the shared spaces are plenty. 3 swimming pools, a spa, steam-room and private game viewer is a clear indication that the team have really covered all facets of luxury. Wooden viewing decks are scattered around, ensuring there’s always an opportunity to break-away from your group and enjoy some alone time. Conveniently located on the banks of a large dam within the reserve that sees scores of wildlife visiting its clear waters, Kubili House is perfectly positioned.

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The selling point? That’s the camping experience ! Not only are you cocooned in absolute luxury, but you also have the option of an adventurous outdoor camping experience. In keeping in with the traditions of explorers, old Land Rovers with rooftop tents are set-up in a clearing. The Land Rovers circle a boma area with campfire, creating the perfect outdoor advert kind of scene. There are 3 fully-equipped camping vehicles available for the rugged at heart.

Activity wise, there’s simply no end to what’s on offer Kubili House in Thornybush. Game drives are a given while on safari in the Thornybush Reserve, and there are also guided bush walks, Segway safaris, archery, and Yoga. You also have your own qualified field guide and tracker who will use their skills to seek out big game and predators.

An exceptionally luxury experience in a world-renown big five nature reserve.

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