4 Unusual Activities for Kids in Cape Town

Cape Town is a veritable hive of adventure, cultural and outdoor activity. There are  the regular tourist activities to enthral kids, that include trawling malls for ice-cream shops and toys, going to the beach and other nice-to-do activities. But these are pretty stock standard. There are actually so many hidden corners of the Mother City offering unusual activities for kids in Cape Town, that plenty of locals don’t know about.

Today we’re going to explore 5 of these activities so that tourists and locals can plan for the somewhat lengthy and tiresome school holidays.

Reptile Rehabilitation Centre and Scone Shack in Cape Point

The snake park that was previously located at Imhoff has now moved to the ostrich farm located just outside the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The farm is a working ostrich farm  and is the perfect place for the snake park and reptile rehabilitation centre. The ostrich farm is now a full wildlife experience for kids and families in a central hub in one of the most beautiful natural places in Cape Town.

The Reptile Rehabilitation centre houses an array of unique species of snakes and reptiles. Here you’ll find pythons, tortoises, bearded dragons, cobras, iguanas and a Nile crocodile – to name but a few. Reptiles are rehabilitated and moved into the wild; and conservation is at the heart of this centre. It’s an ideal activity for budding little herpetologists and kids expressing an interest in the natural world. There are “mini-mo” shows available for private functions and birthday parties. Job shadows and volunteers are also welcome.

Reptiles and ostriches in an awe-inspiring setting. What more could you want?

Located next door to the ostrich farm is the Scone Shack. This has become a local highlight and was recently featured in a few online articles. After checking out the reptiles and ostriches, we suggest you take those kids of yours to the scone shack. It’s a makeshift artsy and quaint shack serving unbelievable homemade scones and jams (there’s also items like carrot cake with a lemon zest and Pecan pie on the menu).

On the grounds of the Scone Shack you’ll find free roaming pigs, geese, ducks and chickens – an ideal place for kids ! A little place that you need in your life.

Check out the websites here : 

Cape Point Ostrich Farm 

Reptile Rehabilitation Centre 

Scone Shack Cape Point

Reptile Rehabilitation The Scone Shack Cape Point

Stand Up Paddle Board on the VA Waterfront Canals

Located on the canals of the VA Waterfront in the fun-filled Battery Park area is SUP Cape Town. Battery Park is on the outskirts of the VA Waterfront and is accessed by taking the first turning left as you turn into the Waterfront (the City Lodge turning).

Behind the City Lodge is an absolute world of activity for both adults and kids. The rooftop area houses a skatepark and basketball court, and down below are a few restaurants and cafes, footbridges, and surf and skate shops. You can turn up at SUP Cape Town’s shop or book online for one of their activities.

Activities include : 

  • Stand Up Paddle Board – quick instruction and board hire. Opt for the 30 min or 1 hr session. It’s only R220 for an hour !
  • You can also hire an instructor and board for ocean SUP lessons at Clifton beach.

The canals snake their way behind the City Lodge, through the One and Only Hotel and back towards the Westin Grand Hotel. While cruising the canals you get to see the One and Only Hotel and enjoy the serenity of the calm waters.

The area is absolutely quiet, tranquil and feels like you’re in a part of Cape Town that remains hidden and uncrowded. This Cape Town activity is an absolute MUST for older kids and families. After your mini-adventure, browse the surf shop and settle down for a bite to eat at the casual cafe on the banks of the canal – you’ve earned it !

Check out their website here : SUP Cape Town

Paddle Board Cape Town VA Waterfront Hub Stand Up Paddle Board on VA Waterfront Canal

Tour with Ocean Waterbikes in Simon’s Town

If you don’t feel that taking to the canals on a SUP is your thing, then book an incredible waterbike family adventure in Simon’s Town. A unique way of trying to spot penguins at Boulders Beach. And a bicycle on water? Unheard of…until now !

The waterbikes are environmentally friendly and don’t emit any emissions. It’s a simple concept of peddling through the water while following a guide. Routes are at the mercy of the weather and currents of the ocean.

The waterbike adventure has two main routes : head towards the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach or meander along the coast past Long Beach and the Clan Stuart Shipwreck.

Check out their website here : Waterbikes in Cape Town

* The minimum age for this activity is 13 years old. 

Waterbikes Simons Town

Skateboarding at Shred Skate Park

The Shred is – quite frankly – just an epic and cool place. It’s the only indoor skatepark in Cape Town and is a hub of boarding activity. There’s an on-site restaurant for parents to hang-out and watch their budding boarders flying through the air, while marvelling at the international-spec skate bowl.

The Shred is exactly what South Africa needed for our growing skate scene. The City of Cape Town would design terribly built skate parks, without the input of real skaters. So Jamie O’Brien and Marc Baker built a legendary skatepark which very quickly became a safe haven and world of adventure for passionate skaters.

The Shred caters for birthday parties, gives one-on-one lessons and has a fantastic sense of community for skaters. Located in Paarden Eiland, the Shred is also a must visit place for the cool kids.

Check out their website here : The Shred Skatepark

The Shred Skatepark The Shred Skatepark Kids

Cool Runnings Downhill Tobogganing  Trail

Cool Runnings is the first downhill tobogganing track in Africa and it’s probably one of the most fun-filled adrenalin activities in Cape Town for families. The 1.25 km long twisting track curves through 17 corners, S-bends and a tunnel. The course is manned and is also completely safe. Cool Runnings is a fantastic way to practice your combination of speed and skill while using wheeled bobsleds as your mode of transport.

The course is located on the foothills of Durbanville’s slopes, and boasts spectacular views of the surrounds.

Check out their website here : Cool Runnings in Cape Town

Cool Runnings Entertainment Cool Runnings in Durbanville Cool Runnings Tobogganing