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Tuludi Camp

You can’t sell without seeing. That’s why we send on team of sales consultants on regular site inspections and educationals to sought-after safari destinations in southern Africa and East Africa. When they stay at lodges, they observe things that the lay person might not notice. They’re constantly on alert, taking notes as they go and slotting moments into their memory bank. When guests approach our consultants, we want to make sure they’re armed with an arsenal of knowledge about the guest’s chosen destination. They have to make informed decisions and sew together itineraries that cater for individual needs and budgets; which varies from guest to guest.

Natasha is no stranger to Botswana, but it’s vital that she keeps up to date with what’s happening, so off she jetted one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. We had a quick chat to her about her Botswana safari, which is outlined below.

Ps : While there she actually conquered her fear of flying in helicopters!

We believe you enjoyed a safari to Botswana to check out a few of the lodges that you recommend to guests. Which lodges did you visit, and where were they located? 

This was our itinerary – it really did offer the best of Botswana !

  • 2 nights at a luxury mobile camp in the Moremi
  • 2 nights at Tuludi Camp in the Khwai Private Reserve
  • 1 night at Nokanyana Camp in the Moremi (Mababe area)
  • 1 night at Setari in the Okavango Delta and
  • 2 nights at a luxury mobile camp in Habu

As a consultant, why is it important to visit the lodges you recommend?

I think it’s important to visit the lodges that I recommend so that I get a personal feel of each lodge and what they have to offer.

For example, if a guest wants 5 star luxury and I know for a fact I didn’t really get the 5 star luxury experience there; then I would make an alternative recommendation.

List your favourite thing about EACH of the lodges you visited.

The luxury mobile camps offered 5 star luxury mobile tents. There were AMAZING staff, flushing loos and great “5 star bucket showers with a turning tap” . The tents were very spacious for a mobile camp. And the food was 5 star – and not to forget the BEST homemade iced tea I have ever had. I was lucky enough to get the recipe!

Tuludi Camp in the Khwai Private reserve – the rooms were AMAZING – everything your heart desired was in that room, very spacious with private plunge pool and outdoor bath and shower.

Nokanyana Camp in the Moremi (Mababe area) – the staff, the yummy food, and the beautiful tents. This was the first time I visited Mababe area (part of the Moremi). It’s such a great reserve.

Setari in the Okavango Delta – Location was fantastic, and again the staff were amazing, chalets were beautiful. They even offered mokoro and boating which was awesome.

Please list a few of the most memorable wildlife sightings you experienced.

Lots of ellies drinking from the waterhole in Habu, and great wild dog sightings in the Moremi (biggest pack of wild dogs I have ever seen).

We saw that you conquered your fear of flying in a helicopter? Why did you have to take a helicopter to the camps and lodges?

Yes, I did it –  I took a few Rescue Remedies with to help ease the anxiety.  However, I actually didn’t need to take them – what an incredible experience.

Most camps offer scenic helicopter transfers now. This is a brilliant way to see the areas from a birds eye view – the views are amazing – you fly quite low and you get to see ellies, buffalo and other wildlife from above. The helicopter and light air charter flights are fastest way to get to lodges.

What activities did you do while you were in Botswana?

Game drives and boating – they also had mokoro on offer, however I did not experience it this time round due to time constrictions – but my guests will definitely get to experience this when visiting a water based or mixed activity camp in certain areas of Botswana.

Apart from the lodge, location and wildlife; what amazing experiences did you have?

A highlight for me was visiting the untouched area of Habu and seeing the local village (this was the first time ever that agents visited this area, so we made History). This area has plenty of potential – every night we could hear the lions roaring, we saw lots of “tracks” for leopards and lions too. The people are also so beautiful and humble.

Favourite meal of the trip?

Way too many to mention – haha!

What do you love most about Botswana as a destination?

Botswana is my personal favourite safari destination. It is so diverse and offers a variety of activities with excellent game viewing in stunning locations.

Lastly, what was you most HAIR raising moment? Spill the beans!

One morning when I was just about to leave my tent at Tuludi, I had an elephant waiting for me right at my door – haha! I had to wait for the guide to gently guide the elephant away from my tent.

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