Hippo by Geraint Isitt

Guest Photos from a Greater Kruger Safari Experience

Over the years, we have got to know some interesting, passionate, and wonderful people who have contacted us to arrange the adventures of a lifetime. Some guests have come to know our consultants, and return time after time to sew together some of the most fantastic safari itineraries. Kim Richardson and Geraint Isitt are a couple who have consistently travelled with us, and most recently they returned from a Greater Kruger Park, where they visited three private reserves: Klaserie, Timbavati, and Sabi Sand. Following their safari, they shared their images with us, which we have included here to illustrate what an all-rounded, wildlife-rich experience this part of South Africa offers. Thank you, Kim and Geraint, for sharing your photos and feedback with us!

Leopard in a tree © Kim Richardson

Lodges visited:

nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

Shindzela Tented Safari Camp, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Notten’s Bush Camp, Sabi Sand Wildtuin

Cheetah © Kim Richardson

Lion in a tree © Kim Richardson

The Sabi Sand showing off for Kim and Geraint on their recent trip to the Greater Kruger during a safari arranged by our agent, Natasha. This was only one of many phenomenal big cat sightings, and among numerous leopard encounters. Those icy blue eyes make this tom quite an unforgettable cat!

Sabi Sand Leopard © Kim Richardson

The incredible 180° jaw stretch reminding us why we keep our distance from these enormous river mammals! Kim and Geraint captured some brilliant shots during their time in the Greater Kruger, and were ready at the right time when this hippo put on its territorial display in the middle of his dam. This big “yawn” is the perfect way to let other male hippos know to keep their distance.

Hippo © Geraint Isitt

Battle wounds of a warrior, perfectly captured by Kim while on safari with us at Notten’s Bush Camp. This Sabi Sand king is one of the Charleston males – a powerful coalition of lions dominant in the area – and he is as strong as ever even after a couple of years donning this dislodged canine! All part of an incredible safari in the Greater Kruger.

Charleston male lion © Kim Richardson

These humbling giants emerge ever so quietly from the bush, ambling silently towards us, making far less noise than would be expected from an animal of this size. Elephants possess the incredible ability to step elegantly over obstacles and remain quiet as a mouse, while they have the equal power to wreak havoc when the need arises. Trees are entirely uprooted and bark is stripped from ancient trunks with ease. These powerful members of the wild are extremely clever, emotional, and feeling animals, and it is a privilege to share their space with them. Thanks once again to Kim for sharing this beautiful capture taken while on safari with us at Shindzela Tented Camp in Timbavati.

Elephant by © Kim Richardson

One of our all time favourites, captured in a brilliant profile. Perfect stripes ending in that famous, upright mane, and decorating a handsome muzzle make the Burchell’s zebra one of the most photogenic features of a safari. It looks like Kim and Geraint got the best of what a Kruger trip has to offer.

Zebra © Kim Richardson

Surely one of the most strikingly colourful birds of the bushveld: the lilac-breasted roller. This insect eater comes from a family of bright and vibrant birds, some of which we see only during the summer rainfall season, but this gem is a resident all year round. What’s more is they have a great habit of perching out in the open which offers up some fantastic photo opportunities! Birds in the roller family are named for their “rolling” behaviour, which sees them soaring to a height and then tumbling down in a rolling fashion in an attempt to impress their mates. One would think plumage like this is impressive enough!

Lilac-breasted roller © Kim Richardson

Moments like these… Sunsets on safari are a highly celebrated time of day, and when you catch one with a giraffe crossing its path, you know you’ve got a good one. This is another perfect capture by Kim taken during an adventure through the wilds of the Greater Kruger!

Giraffe Silhouette © Kim Richardson

A beautiful tribute to these beauties, which are becoming more and more of a rarity in their natural home. Intense and dangerous work goes into protecting rhinos from poachers, and we are eternally grateful to the teams and individuals who pour all their energy and resources into their duties. Thank you to Kim for sharing this special photo of a wild and free rhino seen during her safari – long may she live!

Rhino © Kim Richardson

Pack of wild dogs © Kim Richardson