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The Chobe Princess Safari Boat

Cruising on the Chobe River on board The Chobe Princess Safari Boat


Chobe – The Unassuming African Paradise

‘An unassuming African paradise.’ That sentence describes Chobe in a nutshell. There is something magical about gliding down the serene, idyllic Chobe River onboard the Chobe Princess houseboat. Game viewing is always an exciting affair. But viewing wildlife onboard a boat is a strikingly different experience.

Seeing the famous Chobe elephants crossing the river in huge herds is a once in a lifetime occasion. The march of these grey giants is a beautiful, enchanting event not to be missed if you are a true safari enthusiast.


But the elephants are by no means the only reason to hop onboard a houseboat and let the vessel float you down the serene Chobe that winds between the borders of two Southern African countries, Namibia and Botswana. There is an abundance of other mammals in the area too, ranging from a variety of antelope to giraffes grazing on the riverbanks. Glance down to see a hippo or ten peek their heads up in the water.

The area is also known as a haven for birds. The Chobe birds, in an array of sizes, shapes and colours, delight a visitor to the area with their joyful chirpiness and pure beauty. Listen to their tweets fill the air with exquisite sounds and spot a Kingfisher or the majestic Fish Eagle flying across the African skyline.

The Chobe sunsets are a mystical event with red, orange and yellow mixing into a carnival of colours that slowly fade behind the African skyline. And there, on the deck of the Chobe Princess safari boat, watching the day turn into night is when you feel the true charm of Africa.