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New white lion cub in the Klaserie

New white lion cub in the Klaserie

A new white lion cub has been born to the Giraffe Pride. The Giraffe Pride already has a sub adult white female within its pride, so it is wonderful news that a new little wild white lion cub has arrived.

Courteney & Cecilia Blunden, the owners of Africa on Foot Camp in the Klaserie, were on their way out of the reserve late at night. They found the sub adult female white lion walking along the road, with lightning flashing in the background! What an incredible sighting, that was about to get better! About a kilometre further down the road, Courteney spotted something in the grass. Much to their sheer delight it was another tiny white lion cub with its siblings and two moms!

This is a clear indication that some of the females in the Giraffe Pride as well as the Ross Pride, and the Giraffe Pride males, carry the white lion gene. Together with the pride in the northern Klaserie and Umbabat area, there are once again 4 wild white lions. This after the trajic death of the Ross white cub. Its only a matter of time before more white lion cubs are born to the Ross Pride, as the Africa on Foot & nThambo rangers have seen the Giraffe Pride males mating with the Ross Pride females.

It’s an incredible time to visit the Klaserie and Timbavati Game Reserves!

Long live the magnificent gene!

You stand a chance (note chance!) of viewing a wild white lion by visiting these camps: Africa on Foot, nThambo Tree Camp, Kambaku Safari Lodge, Motswari Safari Lodge, as well as a few others – contact us to find out more!

White lion cub at Africa on Foot
The white lion cub from the Ross Pride that was unfortunately killed by its Aunt


White lion traverse
The areas where the Ross and Giraffe Prides traverse


White lions in the Umbabat
White lions in the Umbabat area


Ross Pride white lion cub
Ross Pride white lion cub