Comfort Botswana Safari – Client feedback


Hi Liselle,

At last I take time to answer your mail.

Yes, we really enjoyed our safari and I will give you credit for a varying combination of camps, all different, all exiting, all presenting nice people and beautiful sceneries. Yes, we met four of the big five.

We were imposed by the fact that every meeting with flights, transports, camps was exactly in time. It was just so perfect planned and realized.

Oddball, the small camp with mokoros and personal guides hanging around with us. We like that. Our two guides took us through the hippo grass to the islands where we walked around and met the first wonderful sceneries and wild animals. A nice, personal camp with nice people and wild living. Black mamba and a python where thrilling guests in the camp….

By the Sangofamily we met the perfect managed camp, with Joseph as superintendent and his children Face, Judge and Queen taking care of their guests. We happened to have Joel as our guide – so professional, nice, thoughtful. He succeeded to give us exiting meetings with a lot of animals. We followed a lion family of 12 lions in different ages from their dinner table – a small giraffe – to the river. Fantastic!

We really can recommend Sango to anyone coming to Okavango.

Elephant Valley is more formal. No personal meeting with the management at all. But a fantastic guide named Zambo! And a beautiful location close to a pond. With Zambo it was never boring. Thanks to his energy we (just alone) at last met the leopard. Close to the jeep. It is a wonderful landscape with a lot of animals on land and in the water.

Vic Falls was exactly so impressive as I had hoped. We went around a whole day, scared by the high gorges. And! Fredrik made the Jump from Victoria bridge, 111 meters.

We had two nice days at the market and the nice pool. Looking att our pictures, happy with all our memories.

So, many thanks Liselle. Be sure, I will contact you when we go to Africa next time. South Africa is in our thoughts.


Best regards Lars, Gunilla and Fredrik


Guest stayed at :

Oddballs Camp, Sango Safari Camp, Elephant Valley Lodge & The Kingdom Hotel at Victoria Falls