Southern African Safari Kings Camp – Client Feedback

Hi Liselle,

We had a fantastic time. Thanks for arranging the perfect itinerary and the great accommodations.

The abundance and variety of wildlife in Botswana would put it at the top of the list for future family excursions. We spotted and photographed the big five on the first day there.

You will enjoy Toka Leya and Marc’s and his staff’s hospitality. You may already know that Marc is from Durban. Eric and I enjoy telling the story of how we did tent camping in the bush of Africa and the difficult time we had with the ice cream melting so fast in the tent.

A special mention of an enjoyable transfer from Nelspruit to Kings Camp with Lyndall as the driver. It was a nearly three hour drive, in the dark and some rain. She works for Seasons in Africa. She made the time go fast. Eric is a pilot and Lyndall has some experience flying airplanes so guess what we talked about mostly?

We are glad that we found Sunsafaris on the Internet. It was a random, very lucky pick for us.

All the best with our appreciation. Tommy

Guests visited Toka Leya & Kings Camp