V and A Hotel, Chapungu, Arathusa, Chundukwa- Client Feedback

Hi Liselle –

Aren’t the Blackman’s a hoot?

Ok here it goes:

It was fantastic and you did a fabulous job for us. We figure with all the additional things we did it was an $18,000 trip…once in a lifetime…but stay tuned as I would love to return some day.


Cape Town was unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! V & A was a wonderful place. The food and the service were perfect. Steve Muller was a five star tour guide. We so enjoyed him.

Chapunqu – wondering why we didn’t fly to Hoedspruit in stead of Nelspruit? It took over 2 hours to drive (after a 2 hour plus flight) and we missed the evening safari. They did say they would come back for us, but we were really tired. Also, I can’t remember the manager’s name, she very nicely showed us around, but then left. We had only eaten a sandwich at 11:00am…. There was no management and safari does not get back till 7:30 – 8:00….by 7:00 I was hungry (after two glasses of wonderful wine) and no one understood how to get me something to snack on…I went to my room and ate ginger cookies and went to bed! It would have been nice if she had offered us some lunch or not left us completely on our own.

Having said all that…everything else at Chapungu was absolutely perfect. The safari’s at Chapungu were unbelievable and the food and service were excellent. The “Tented Camp” was gorgeous. We saw the big five plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy was our driver again to Arathusa and did a great job. What can I say about Arathusa ? It was a dream. The picture on the internet does not do it justice. We had a resident hippo who visited at night. Elephants who came to the watering hole right in front of us and lovely people. We saw leopards and elephants and hyenas and a bush baby!

The food was great and the service was impeccable. Thank you for booking us there.

The Peermont was just fine, and we enjoyed the Casino and the food court.

Chudukwa – was amazing. We didn’t see animals, except on the heli trip… that was my only disappointment. I still don’t know how they keep the bugs and snakes out, but it was a quiet lovely place. The falls were at a dry time, and it was a little disappointing, but we could see the rock structure and it was still very beautiful. We had a very nice tour of the falls and the city with Juckie (sp?).

I wish I had known about Devil’s pool, as I think I would have done that. We did the helicopter ride, I did a horseback ride and Larry and I rode an elephant (amazing, I cried afterwards). I walked with Levi to his village and it was wonderful. Xanti and Ula were so gracious; it was a delight to spend time with them and their lodge.

A side note…the people we met were amazing; from all over the world. AND there was not one obnoxious person in the whole trip! What a gift. I did have a cough the entire trip, but managed to feel good. My fault as I did not bring my allergy medicine!

I am glad we went to Livingstone and Joburg, as it gave us a small picture of the day to day Africa. We went to Soweto and the museum and downtown Joburg. It was very interesting.

Thank you Liselle for everything. Thanks to Jim and Sally for recommending Sun Safaris and Liselle Raath!!! It was a trip of a life time

Happy Trails To You!

Bette and Larry Ross Visited: V&A Hotel, Chapungu, Arathusa Safari Lodge, Chundukwa, Peermont Metcourt