Mindblowing Africa on Foot Safari – Client Feedback

Hi Brett,

we’ve talked a lot about giving you some feedback, as we have NEVER, EVER had a trip like the one you made for us. It was absolutely mindblowing for us, and we want to say that you hit EXACTLY what we were looking for. It was just spot on. You were extremely good at catching what we wanted from what we wrote you. We made each other a lot of promises in relation to South Africa, one is of course to come back a.s.a.p. Another one is to use you again when we do so, and a third one is to let everybody we know get to ZA as soon a they can, and use you when they do.

Courtney and Celia run a GREAT place, and do so in a very competent way. It was simply so exciting and nice to be there, and we have some good videos of some of the sightings that Courtney sad we should consult you on uploading. There’s a 10 out of 10 hyena sighting that Coutney thought would be good to share. They are the nicest people, and really know what they are doing. I truly hope they stick to their concept, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Gomo Gomo was a nice place too, but after coming from Africa on Foot, they had some hard competition. Our ranger was a little too much cowboy to our taste, and they ruined a nice moment for all the guests one afternoon, when they sounded the drum for lunch – which scared away the herd of drinking elefantsat the Gomo Gomo pond everybody was feating their eyes and ears on. Just two details we would not have noticed, if we hadn’t come straight from Courtneys place: Had we not known about Africa on Foot, we would not have noticed, and had we known about Africa on Foot, we would not have come. But NOT due to Gomo Gomo not being fine, but due to Africa on Foot being absolutely awesome. I hope you get what I mean here.

Last, but definitlely not least, was the completely brilliant B&B at Blyde you sent us to. It was awesome, and the people who work their are simply the nicest. They pampered us to bits, and it was a great way to chill out after 6 exciting days in the bush. And the most beautiful place to hike I have ever been.

You really did it Brett, you and your country have 2 new regulars.

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, we’ll be in touch.

PS: Everything worked smooth with the car too, both delivery and drop off.

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