Find Out How to Pack for a Purpose When Visiting Africa

Pack for a Purpose is a charity initiative encouraging people to pack specific supplies for struggling communities in the countries that they are visiting. The Pack for a Purpose website provides a list of supplies needed in each region, making it quite easy to source country-specific items.  Numerous hotels, camps and lodges within various countries across the globe have joined this highly successful and much needed initiative. You simply check the website to see if your hotel/lodge is part of the program, click on the link to see the projects that they’re involved in, and then build up a package containing their list of items needed.

Pack for a Purpose bridges the gap between people wanting to donate material items to communities, and what is actually needed by those communities. If you follow the guidelines laid out by the charity, there won’t be a surplus of unnecessary items – and communities in dire straits will receive exactly what they need to survive and thrive within the educational, conservation and medical sectors. 

Africa is a large continent with contrasting countries, unique cultures and mixed economies. This is vibrant continent and melting pot so rich in resources and natural beauty, but poor in monetary wealth. It’s not uncommon for pockets of rural communities to live without water, electricity and food. Communities urgently need donations from first world countries, but their list of items often differs from what we think they might need. The on-the-ground teams in each country keep inventory of what surrounding communities need, and constantly update the Pack for a Purpose website. Pack for a Purpose guides visitors towards the information needed to contribute effectively to communities – and don’t forget, a small contribution can have a massive impact.

Below are a few of the items needed in popular safari destinations, with a handful of the lodges that Sun Safaris books on a regular basis. Each of the listed lodges has specific projects that they are involved in, which you can read about when you click on specific links.

Pack For A Purpose in SchoolsPack For A Purpose in AfricaSouth Africa Pack for a Purpose Stethoscopes Supplied in Kenya

Pack for a Purpose in Botswana 

Botswana is focussed on improving education and providing basic classroom supplies to the underprivileged. You are encouraged to donate school supplies, writing utensils, knitting utensils and notebooks. 

3 lodges in Botswana involved in Pack for a Purpose. Click on the links to read the list of what is needed at each camp’s delivery point, and what projects are currently underway.

Pack for a Purpose in Kenya 

Kenya needs contributions to the Big Cat Conservatory project which is a group aiming to create a community wildlife conservancy, and needs equipment to accomplish this mammoth task. There are other groups in Kenya working to provide medical care, and AIDS education awareness. Improving education is also a longstanding project across the board. Donations of medical supplies, health education DVDs and school supplies are welcomed. 

Pack for a Purpose in Malawi 

There are currently 7 active non-profit groups in Malawi that want to improve the state of education in the country. Writing supplies, utensils, text books, storybooks, art supplies and sports equipment are desperately needed. There are also various projects in the human-wildlife sector, aimed to reduce conflict, one of which is the CITW Youth Park Fence Project. 

Pack for a Purpose in Mozambique 

The non-profit groups spread across Mozambique are focussed mainly on improving the education of the country. There is also a drive to spread awareness and improve support of current HIV/AIDS patients. Tools needed – across the board – include : notebooks, pencils, pens, school supplies, and soccer balls (football project underway). 

Pack for a Purpose in Namibia 

Namibia is focussed on improving the standard of education and overall wellness of the country. Projects need school and medical supplies, which are listed on the individual lodge pages below. 

Pack for a Purpose in Rwanda 

Rwanda is looking for donations to non-profit organisations responsible for improving the standard of living, healthcare and education in the country. Most areas are in dire need of all types of supplies, and visitors can benefit from responsible tourism. 

Pack for a Purpose in South Africa 

South Africa is primarily focussed on conserving wildlife, anti-poaching initiatives and improving education. Donations of school supplies, art supplies and support of local schools is needed. Wildlife enthusiasts are encouraged to donate to reputable environmental groups. There is also education about sustainable food production education and medical projects underway. 

Pack for a Purpose in Tanzania 

Improving health and wellness is paramount in Tanzania. Charitable groups need donations, as they are the ones on the frontline providing medical care to local communities. Again, school and sports supplies are always needed; and there are also numerous charities within the wildlife sector working towards improving awareness about the importance of conservation. 

Pack for a Purpose in Uganda 

The communities in Uganda are struggling when it comes to education supplies. Some schools don’t even have basic writing equipment, and teacher’s often don’t have blackboards themselves. There is the Little Light Children’s Center that provides education, a free clinic and an income generating project for families. This group needs supplies and educational games. 

Pack for a Purpose in Zambia

There’s a shortage of hygiene products, medical supplies and school equipment across the board. These donations will help to build communities and improve the quality of education. There are numerous non-profits and charities within Zambia set-up and ready to accept donations. 

Pack for a Purpose in Zimbabwe

Many of the non-profit groups and service projects in Zimbabwe focus on improving the health and wellness of the under-served African communities. These groups include Abused and Battered Women and Children’s Home and The Disablement Association. Visitors can help many of these projects via donations. Other projects in this region work to support education in the local communities. Visitors who are interested in responsible tourism can donate school supplies, including books and writing utensils to help improve the primary schools in the area. Wildlife enthusiasts can also contribute to the CAMPFIRE program, which works to help communities surrounding marginal wildlife area. This project accepts donated camping equipment and other items.